No question about it: your wedding day is the most awaited and most memorable day of your life. And you will do everything for it to be perfect and stress-free.

The good news is that you can take transportation off your list of worries by hiring New York Bus Rental. We can take care of your transportation needs so you can focus on your most important task: getting married!

New York Bus Rental has a fleet of various wedding transportation solutions, from mini buses, to coach buses, to limousines. The vehicles in our fleet are clean, well-maintained, and top-of-the-line. We also have professional drivers who will take you and your guests to your destination.

We provide:

  • Coach Buses for Weddings
  • Mini Buses for Weddings
  • Sprinter Vans for Weddings


How do you choose the best transportation option for your wedding?

Coach Buses for Weddings

Our passenger coach buses are perfect for big weddings as these can transport a lot of guests from the church to the reception venue. And if you have many guests from out of town, you can also arrange for them to be picked up from their hotels by a coach bus. This way, you get to make sure nobody loses their way and that everybody gets to the wedding on time.

Mini Buses for Weddings

If you have fewer guests, chartering a mini bus might be a better idea. This also works if you only have family and close friends from out of town or out of state. You can hire a mini bus to take family members and friends from the hotel where they’re staying to the church and, later on, to the reception.

Sprinter Vans for Weddings

Sprinter vans are perfect for intimate weddings. If you only have a few chosen friends or direct family members from outside town or out of the state and they are staying a hotel or inn, then you can hire a sprinter van to take them to the church then to the reception. A sprinter van can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. It is also perfect for transporting members of your wedding entourage.

New York Bus Rental can provide your selected transportation for:

  • Weddings in New York City
  • Weddings in New York State
  • Weddings in New Jersey
  • Weddings in Connecticut
  • Weddings in Philadelphia

If you are not in any of these cities or states, try giving us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Contact us at 855-872-8773 and find out more about our fleet of coach buses, mini buses, and sprinter vans! Allow us to help make your wedding day more special, more comfortable, and less stressful by providing good transportation services for you and your guests!


Service locations in USA

  • Albany Charter Bus
  • Baltimore Charter Bus
  • Boston Charter Bus
  • Dayton Charter Bus
  • Daytona Beach Charter Bus
  • Ft. Lauderdale Charter Bus
  • Hartford Charter Bus
  • Lancaster Charter Bus
  • Long Island Charter Bus
  • Manchester Charter Bus
  • Miami Charter Bus
  • Myrtle Beach Charter Bus
  • New Haven Charter Bus
  • New York Charter Bus

What our Customers are Saying

Always a pleasure to work with! New York Bus Rental always provides the best service and the cleanest and most comfortable buses!

— L.C., Los Angeles

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