Romantic Date Spots via Limo and Bus Rental in NYC (Part 3)

If you are in New York and are looking for the perfect romantic getaway or wedding anniversary date venue, you really don’t have to look far. There’s plenty of venues ideal for couples in NYC, whatever the occasion may be. Even dates in ordinary locations can be made romantic and special. All you need is to get a limo from your bus rental NYC company, and voila!

romantic new york

We have already given you a list of ideal date venues and ideas. But the list is far from complete. Here’s a few more suggestions.

Campbell Apartment. You might be thinking: What’s so romantic about an apartment? Well, don’t be deceived by the name because there’s actually more to it. Book a limousine service with your bus rental in NYC and see for yourself. Head over to the Grand Central Terminal and go to this plush, elegant and historic bar on its mezzanine that used to be 20th century tycoon John W. Campbell’s office. Its Florentine ceiling, stone fireplace and stained glass windows make for a romantic atmosphere where couples can laze around and enjoy the house’s special cocktail.

Spirit Cruise. You don’t have to go to Italy and ride on gondolas along the canals of Venice when you have the Spirit Cruise ships on the New York Harbor to give you a similar romantic experience on the water! Feel the romance aboard as you appreciate the magnificent view of the New York skyline. You can also toss in a little bit of entertainment, and some dining and dancing.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Stroll around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and let the colors of nature envelope you with warmth and romance. Pink cherry blossoms will fall on your heads, cute ducklings will cross your path on their way to the next pond, and lilacs, roses, daffodils and bluebells will explode in a multitude of colors. What could be a more perfect way to spend the day with your love than that?

River Cafe. The River Cafe is lovely and romantic, with the beautiful and serene view of the East River. Find this cafe at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, amidst all the Manhattan lights as they glitter on the water.

Wherever you go, do not forget to make it a full romantic experience. Book a limo service with your bus rental NYC company and take your loved one to any of these venues in comfort, style and luxury.

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