One of your teenager’s most awaited event is the senior prom. This marks the end of high school and this is the last big party high school students get to attend together before they separate ways and head to college or go to wherever life takes them.

Make your kid’s prom perfect and more memorable by getting a coach bus, a mini bus, a school bus or a sprinter van. This way, your teenager gets to spend more time with his or her friends. They get to go to the prom together in style and take the party elsewhere if they want to. But the best part? You don’t have to worry about your kids driving home alone late at night! With a vehicle from New York Bus Rental and a professional driver, you can rest assured that your kids get to have a wonderful time and then get home safe after all the fun.

Our Service Locations

We provide mini buses, school buses and sprinter vans for:

  • Proms in New York City
  • Proms in New York State
  • Proms in New Jersey
  • Proms in Connecticut
  • Proms in Philadelphia

If you and other parents agree to get a bus or a van for your kids on prom night, give us a call. We can give you the right vehicle for your needs. Specifically, we can provide:

  • Mini Buses for Proms
  • School Buses for Proms
  • Sprinter Vans for Proms

Mini Buses for Proms

If we’re talking about transportation for the entire class or a large group of friends, then a mini bus would be a good choice. They can go to their prom together in style and leave together. They can bond together for the last time while on the road and spend one last memorable night before they all head out to the real world of grown-ups.

A mini bus is also a perfect solution for parents who are anxious or worried about their teenagers drinking alcohol and driving, leaving early with their dates, or driving very late at night. Without having to drive individual cars, they will have to stick together and enjoy their prom to the fullest. What’s more, mini buses are economical as parents can shell out for the costs and contribute equally.

School Buses for Proms

A school bus is a suitable and less costly transportation alternative for teenagers on prom night. A school bus from New York Bus Rental can accommodate the entire senior class, so if everyone is in agreement to go to the prom venue together despite a tight budget, then it is possible.

Sprinter Vans for Proms

For a more intimate number of prom goers, a sprinter van is more ideal. Hire a sprinter van if your teenager wants to go to prom with his or her closest friends in school and their dates. One sprinter van can accommodate up to 12 people, so your kid gets to use it with his or her chosen few. This way, they can bond and have more fun time together and get to their prom in style.

Call us at 855-872-8773 and tell us all about your prom transportation needs.


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