New York Bus Rental offers you the perfect transportation solution for parties. Whether you are hosting a birthday party for your kid at an amusement park, or attending an office party with your workmates, hiring a coach bus, a minibus or a sprinter van is an ideal way to get a bunch of people to the venue.

A bus or a van will help make sure all guests make it to the party and you get to celebrate the special occasion together.

New York Bus Rental offers:

  • Coach Buses for Parties
  • Minibuses for Parties
  • School Buses for Parties
  • Sprinter Vans for Parties

Coach Buses for Parties

If you are celebrating your kid’s birthday with a big party at an activity center, a museum, or any out-of-home party venue, a coach bus is a great way to transport all your guests. This helps make sure everybody gets to the party on time. This is especially convenient if the venue doesn’t offer sufficient parking space for all your guests. And if your kid and his or her friends are really young, you can expect that they will come with their parents or guardians. Guests will really appreciate not having to drive to the venue themselves and spend on fuel. You can just ask neighborhood kids and classmates to meet at your house so the bus can pick all of you and you can head to the party together.

Coach buses are also great if you are attending a party with a large group of people. Take for example a company Christmas party. You can all get to the venue without driving in separate cars and the party can start on time. This is also convenient for employees, especially since a grown-up party can never be complete without wine, champagne, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. With a coach bus to take employees home, they don’t have to worry about driving and getting arrested.

Minibuses for Parties

Minibuses are a good alternative if we’re talking about a smaller group of partygoers. Whether you are hosting the party or you are attending it with a bunch of colleagues, friends, or family, it is still convenient if you go there together and save on fuel costs. Our minibuses are comfortable, clean and well-maintained, so you are ensured of a stress-free trip and you can be certain to get to the party venue in good mood and ready to join in all the fun!

Our minibuses can accommodate up to 40 party goers.

School Buses for Parties

If you are a large group and budget is rather tight, then our school bus is a great alternative. And because our school buses have open windows, it would be ideal for short-distance rides from the pick-up point to the party venue.

School buses may not be as luxurious as our coach buses or mini buses, but they are equally clean and well-maintained. And they offer the same degree of convenience. Our school buses are also operated by professional drivers, so your safety is out of the question.

Sprinter Vans for Parties

If you are a very small or intimate group heading out to a party, then a sprinter van is the right option. A sprinter van can seat up to 12 people and provides plenty of leg room for each passenger as well as lots of storage space. Because of this, it is also a great transportation choice for direct family members or for party organizers, who need to bring or transport party paraphernalia, such as balloons, bubble machines, party favors, banners, and decor; food such as cake and ice cream; and equipment like projectors or audio-visual systems.

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