New York Bus Rental Tips: Understanding Long Distance Quotes

The first thing that you should ask from a bus company if you want to get a New York bus rental is a quote. A quote would give you an idea of just how much you should plan to spend for chartering a bus rental in NYC.

If you are planning to go out of state, you will have to ask for a long distance quote. New York Bus Rental will now guide you on how to read a long distance quote.

Long distance quotes is easy to understand if you know the terms that are used there.

These terms are:

1. Mileage. This is equivalent to the miles traveled. Long distance trips are charged based on the mileage you have. The average rate for bus companies in New York is around $3. However, it could easily be higher because of higher fuel prices and inflation.

2. Local travel. This charge would tell you just how many free miles you get when you arrive at the destination.

3. Daily rate. The daily rate is the minimum charge that you would have to pay for your bus charter. This is on top of the mileage.

4. Operator hotel and driver change. Operator hotel is simply the charges that you have to pay for accommodations for the driver assigned to you. This is only applicable for trips that last overnight or longer. Driver change, on the other hand, is the fee you have to pay for when a new driver takes over. It is required by law and for your own safety that all drivers get at least 10 hours of rest for every 10 hours of driving or 15 hours on standby.

5. Fuel surcharges. The fuel surcharge changes daily and will be added to your bill in order to cover for that difference between the fuel prices quoted and the actual prices.

If you have any questions about the long distance quote that we provide you do not hesitate to call us. New York Bus rental will be very glad to answer your questions!

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