New York Bus Rental Tips: Understanding Local Quotes

When asking for quotations, there are two main types of quotes that you will get. Long distance quotes are those that you get when you plan to go out of the state. Local quotes are for nearby trips that stay within the state lines. For today, New York Bus Rental aims to teach you how to understand local quotes.

Local quotes from New York Bus Rental are typically very easy to understand you just need to know these terms and what they mean:

1. Sales tax. New York Bus Rental usually put an additional 1% sales tax for its bus charters.

2. Hours of use. Local quotes are usually computed by the hours of use, not on the mileage. The hours of use will tell you if you are dealing with a reputable bus company that will not overcharge you. Just compare the rates for hours of use that New York Bus Rental gives you with the rate of other bus companies you call.

3. Gratuity. Gratuity is what you would call tips. Giving your bus driver a 10% tip is customary.

Compare local quotes.

To be sure that you getting the best rates from different bus companies in New York, you would need to make sure that you are being quoted for the same things.

When you call a bus company, make sure that you give the same specifications that you gave the previous one. Be sure to be clear about the bus size, the amenities you want, and of course, details of your trip.

Remember also that the lowest rates might not be the best service for you. There are times that you choose a lower rate but find that there are many problems both with the bus company or with the drivers you are assigned to.

New York Bus Rental would like to encourage you to contact us for your bus charter needs. We will provide you a free quote that is sure to beat all other bus companies, while also ensuring that you get the best service available!

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