New York Bus Rental Tips: The Big Apple in a Weekend (Part 2)

New York Bus Rental would like to share some tips for weekend travelers to the Big Apple.

We have already discussed:

1. Planning your itinerary carefully, and
2. Hiring a bus for your group from New York Bus Rental.

Here are some more.

3. Get your tickets in advance online.

Whenever possible, secure tickets for your whole group in advance. A majority of attractions in NYC have a website where you can reserve or purchase your tickets. This will not only ensure that everyone gets admitted into the venue, but sometimes you could get sizable discounts this way. In addition, you also get to avoid long lines at the venue and the risk of running out tickets.

4. Plan on accommodations that fit your budget.

When it comes to having a place to sleep in at night, NYC gives you a lot of options. From five star hotels to the more budget friendly inns and rooms, you should have plenty of choices that would fit your budget. However, if you were coming in with a group, it would be best to reserve rooms and to do that as early as possible. Also, remember that for upper class hotels, you might need a reservation to secure a room.

5. Arrange your itinerary.

You may have to arrange your itinerary so that you can maximize your time and your fuel costs. We have suggested that you should come up with a list places you and your group would want to visit. Now take a careful look at this list and see which ones are from the same area, or are near each other. This way you do not go from one end of the city to the other and then back again, from where you first started. Explore the places you want to see in the same area first and try to figure out how much time you are going to spend in each of them. Make sure that you also allot sufficient time for lunch and dinner.

Call New York Bus Rental now if you want to fully experience NYC in a weekend!

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