New York Bus Rental Tips: Free NYC Walking Tours (Part 3)

If you want to experience the Big Apple without having to shell out a lot, go on free walking tours. Yes, there are free walking tours around NYC that will give you a taste of the city’s natural splendour, its culture, and its history. New York Bus Rental has a list of the more popular walking tours you can participate in with some friends or with family.

We have already given you a few walking tours that might interest you and your group. If nothing suits you, then worry not because New York Bus Rental actually has more on its list!

Big Apple Greeters

If you want to see New York City through the eyes of a native New Yorker, then check out Big Apple Greeters. They offer free private tours for groups where you will have a volunteer tour guide taking you around the various neighborhoods of NYC.

Learn about where to eat inexpensively or about things pertaining to a certain place that you are most likely not going to find in a guidebook. This is the best way to get inside information and tips on any place in the city!

Free Tours by Foot

Free Tours by Foot is a national organization that gives visitors to the country’s best cities a free tour of the place they are visiting. Luckily, they do have a New York City tour.

Free Tours by Foot will take you to NYC’s most famous neighborhoods. You will be able to sample the food as well as see the sights!

You will be guided by a licensed tour guide, a local who can tell you more about NYC in a more intimate way than a printed guidebook cannot.

They also offer bus tours, food tours, and private tours.

Contact them via phone at (646) 450-6831 or e-mail at

If you are a large group and if you are going on more than one private tour, be sure to have transportation ready. Get a New York bus rental to take you to your tour guide’s meet-up places.

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