New York Bus Rental: One of the Best Bus Companies in New York

New York Bus Rental is proud to be one of the best bus companies in New York.  Let us tell you, however, that it is not that easy to get that distinction!

For one, there are a multitude of bus companies operating out of New York City, New York State and even out in New Jersey and other surrounding areas.

While there is no official ranking of bus companies in the state, we stake our claim on being one of the best bus companies in New York due to the following reasons:

1. Modern and Very Updated Fleet

New York Bus Rental has the biggest and most prestigious brand named buses, corporate vehicles, mini buses and cars in the area.  Take a pick from our fleet of Mercedes Benzes, Jaguars, Lincolns, and Setras.

Our buses are also updated every so often and all of them are well-maintained, ensuring that our vehicles are in top running condition.

2. Best Customer Service

Our premise is simple: the customer is king.  We make the whole process of renting buses and other vehicles painless and stress-free.  Our representatives are very highly trained and knowledgeable with regards to our vehicles and service areas.

So if you need more guidance on what type of bus or minibus to charter for comfort and cost-efficiency, talk to our customer service representatives.  Have the whole group planning a bus tour in New York but you have no idea which venues to go to?  Call us or read our blogs!

What’s more, we take pride in the high levels of satisfaction that we give our customers.  If you have special needs for your rental buses or cars, do not hesitate to ask us about it!  Need an accessibility ramp?  No problem!  Need an on-board toilet, tell us about it and we would ensure that you get what you have asked for!

3. Unblemished Safety Record

Safety on the road starts with responsible driving.  Our bus drivers are disciplined professionals.  They make us truly one of the best bus companies in New York.  New York Bus Rental is a member of the American Bus Association and is duly certified by the New York State Board of Education.

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