New York Bus Rental Gives You Things You Might Find Interesting About the Statue of Liberty – Part 2

New York Bus Rental is very lucky that we have staff who are native New Yorkers, making it easier for us to make your tours with us much more interesting.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable icons of NYC, and New York Bus Rental can take you there in style.  But there might be some things that you do not know about the Statue.  These tidbits would be great to share with your group while on the way to Staten Island to view the statue.

Before we continue, New York Bus Rental would like to find out if you knew that:

1. The Statue was assembled twice, first in France and then in the US.

2. The Statue also served as a lighthouse for 16 years.

3. The Statue was once the tallest iron structure in the world.

4. The Status owes its strength and durability to copper oxidation.

Here are some more fun facts brought to you by New York Bus Rental.

1. In 1906, the United States Congress earmarked $62,000 to paint the Statue.  The Statue was then starting to show the patina it has today and congress wanted to reverse the change.  The plan was stopped when the public expressed outrage at the very idea.

2. The outer skin of the Statue is very thin.  The cladding around the Statue may look strong and thick, but it is actually thinner than two U.S. pennies.  The original specifications called for 1/2-inch thick copper sheets, but it was lessened during construction to 3/32th of an inch.

3. The Statue of Liberty actually stands on broken shackles.  Few people can see the base of the pedestal, but when you get the chance, you would notice that she is standing amidst broken shackles .  This is very symbolic as the Statue is an icon of freedom for the oppressed.

New York Bus Rental Bonus Trivia: Do you know who decided to put the Statue where it is now?  General William Tecumseh Sherman who helped end the U.S. Civil War chose Bedloe’s Island as the location for the Statue of Liberty.  As we all know, the island was soon renamed as Liberty Island.

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