New York Bus Rental Gives You Things You Might Find Interesting About the Statue of Liberty – Part 1

The Statue of Liberty is an icon as far as New York City is concerned.  But there is more than what meets the eye when you look at Lady Liberty.  New York Bus Rental has dug up some interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty.

1. The Statue of Liberty was assembled twice.  The Statue was first built in Paris, France.  It was then disassembled and then shipped to the United States where it was reassembled.

2. The Statue was also used as a lighthouse.  More than a hundred years ago, President Grover Cleveland approved the conversion of the Statue as a lighthouse.  It took several attempts to fit the statue with arc lights.  The lighthouse was seen 24 miles away and was functional for more than 15 years, lasting until March 1902.

3. The copper patina is what makes the statue durable.  The blue green hue of the statue is what makes it beautiful, but do you know that the patina is actually the product of copper oxidation?  When copper oxidizes, it produces a patina that helps stop further oxidation.  In fact, studies done on the statue showed that only 5% of the top skin has oxidized even after 100 years.

4. When it was first built, the Statue of Liberty was the tallest iron structure in the world.  Most people think that the Statue is made of pure copper, but the inside framework is made of iron.  The framework is designed by Gustave Eiffel.

There are a lot of ways that you can view the Statue of Liberty.  You can take a ferry or you could go to any of the parks and points that offers a splendid view of the Statue of Liberty.  Be sure to contact New York Bus Rental to get a charter bus that would ensure that you and your group are comfortable.  New York Bus Rental can take you there without any headaches!

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