Mini Bus Rental NY

Visiting New York City? There is no better way to see the Big Apple than getting on a mini bus rental in NY.

Why hire a mini bus rental in NY

New York City simply has a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. It has one of the busiest roads with aggressive drivers. Parking is also a problem. Renting a mini bus rental in NY can help you avoid all of these problems. You can tour and travel with ease and peace of mind.

Just how convenient can a mini bus rental in NY get?

With a mini bus  in NY, you can really relax. Nobody needs to drive so everyone can unwind.

You can forget about parking, parking meters and traffic and just enjoy the trip.

What are the amenities on board a mini bus rental in NY?

All buses from New York Bus Rentals have a TV and a DVD player so that you could have some entertainment while on the road. If you need it, we can also provide a mini bus in NY that has an on-board toilet.

Comfort and Convenience on a Mini Bus Rental NY

No more waiting in ridiculously long lines for a cab or public bus. Our buses will shuttle you throughout the city and wherever you need to go.

What’s more, the weather is always perfect inside our buses. With top of the line air conditioning and heating systems, you can have the perfect temperature on board anytime!

What else did we miss? Here is a complete list of amenities you can get from a mini bus rental in NY:

  • Heat & AC System
  • Climate Controlled for your Comfort
  • Full PA System
  • TV/Video monitors with VCR: Optional (DVD)
  • AM/FM with CD/Cassette Player
  • Reading Lights Over Each Seat
  • Reclining Seats with Arm Rests
  • Optional: (Restroom)
  • Large Exterior Luggage Area

New York Bus Rental gives you all the comfort you want. Plus you get to travel in style too.

Late Night Parties? Stay Safe with a Mini Bus Rental NY

Partying in and around the Big Apple is exciting and fun. In fact, it is expected that you would want to party late into the night and maybe even into the early morning. You simply cannot have all the fun you deserve if you have to worry how you and everyone in your group would go home. Let our drivers take your group home!

New York Bus Rental is a full service bus company. Call us if you need to hire a mini bus rental in NY!

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