Making Sure You Get the Best Driver for Your Bus Rental in NYC

When you hire a bus rental in NYC from New York Bus Rental, you are 100% guaranteed that you will have a driver who is not only experienced and professional but also polite, presentable and courteous.

New York Bus Rental ensures this by going through a very strict hiring process for our drivers. We do not hire alcoholics, drug users, or those who have not yet clocked in at least five years of commercial bus driving experience.

But do not just take our word for it. If you would like to verify if you are getting the best driver with your bus rental in NYC, here are the ways to do it:

1. Interview your driver before signing anything.

When you get a quote from New York Bus Rental, you will see that the name of the assigned driver will be listed there. Be sure to tell us if you want to talk to your driver beforehand.

Talking to your driver will help you get a feel of his or her attitude, and whether or not you and your group would like him or her personally.

Meeting the driver in person would also help you gauge if he or she is polite and courteous.

2. A great driver always follows traffic rules.

Once you are on board the bus rental in NYC, be sure to observe how the driver follows traffic rules. A great driver never beats red lights and never violates any traffic rules, even when there are no cops around.

3. Check out how he or she is dressed and the way he or she presents himself or herself to you.

A great driver takes pride in his or her appearance. This means that you should never have to contend with unkempt drivers who wear dirty clothes and smells like he or she is five days in dire need of a bath.

4. Be sure to check out how your driver treats you and your group.

Great drivers love what they do, and part of this means that they should be polite, courteous and helpful to you and your group.

You will never have to contend with a grumpy, short-tempered or rude driver while you are onboard a bus rental in NYC from New York Bus Rental.

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