Going to the Theater? Follow These New York Bus Rental Tips!

Theater in New York is an attraction all in its own. New York Bus Rental knows just how enthralling it is to see a live theater show in the Big Apple.

Who wouldn’t be excited at the chance to see Broadway’s biggest plays with the biggest actors on stage? During some seasons, big Hollywood stars even grace the stage on and off Broadway. Al Pacino who once played Shylock in Merchant of Venice is an example.

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New York Bus Rental gives you the following tips on how to catch the best plays for the season:

1. Getting the Tickets

You can also get virtual tickets online. You should note, however, that virtual tickets are not in order of request. You will be getting confirmation by email and you have to get the tickets in person. Just bring your identification and proof of age for senior citizens.

Discounted tickets. New Yorkers know that they can get tickets at a discount at TKTS. However, if you find yourself standing in a long line at TKTS’s booth that is near Times Square, you might want to proceed to the one in Lower Manhattan or the one in downtown Brooklyn. The lines at these two TKTS booths are shorter most of the time than the one in Times Square.

2. Discover hidden gems.

Remember that not all Broadway shows are the best. Some of the unforgettable shows were performed off Broadway and off off Broadway. The best way to know what the best shows are and where is to read up on reviews. There are a lot of publications that publish a regular column on theater shows in NYC, such as the New York Times, New York Daily News and New York Theatre Guide. There are also websites that collate all these reviews to make it easier for you to discover a show that you might not want to miss.

3. Always hire a charter bus for your group.

New York Bus Rental knows how difficult it is to get around the Big Apple, especially for big groups. You can take your own cars, but parking would be very expensive if you can find enough spaces.


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