Get away from the Kids: Enjoy an Adult Hangout with Bus Rentals in NYC

There are times when we need to just hang out with fellow adults without having to mind the kids. So if your officemates, church group and other adult friends invite you for a night out, why don’t you suggest the following places and get bus rentals in NYC for a memorable time?

1. Drink and Draw

If you have always wanted to learn how to draw or just looking for a creative outlet with an ice-cold beer, then head on to 3rdward with your own art materials.

Every Wednesday until July 25, 3rdward will be hosting Drink N Draw. For only $15, they will give you the beer and the model. You just show up with your materials and draw away.

They also have other events lined up such as exhibits, workshops and their own movie house where you can catch the latest and the best animation, videos, and shorts.

3rdward is located at 195 Morgan Ave. in Brooklyn. Call them at (718) 715-4961. To make sure that all of your friends arrive home safely after a night of art and booze, make sure that there are bus rentals in NYC waiting to take them home!

2. Brooklyn Boulders

Around 22,000 sq. ft. is a lot of area to climb, but that is what you get at Brooklyn Boulders. You can get a day pass for only $22, slightly discounted for kids and students. Alternatively, you can get a 10-day pack for only $199 ($169 for the kids). You can also rent out shoes and other gear there.

New to rock climbing? No sweat, they offer different classes starting at $75. You can also get a private instructor for around $80 per hour for each climber.

If you cannot find a babysitter or leave kids at home, you can get your kids in on the action as well where they could get lessons for $39 per day. You could also hold a birthday party here at only $40 per climber.

Groups can get in for a discounted price of $18 per person, but you must schedule more than four days in advance.

3. Joe’s Pub

Joe’s Pub is combines dining, drinks and performances all in one place. Therefore, if you want to have great food, a nice round of drinks and catch a great show, then this is the place for you.

What is on stage at Joe’s Pub? Just about anything. For example, they recently staged Never Sleep Alone, a gay themed show that featured sex psychologist and music therapist Dr. Alex Schiller, along with mainstream music artists promoting their latest albums, to launches from New York’s biggest companies such as The New Yorker, musical comedies and standup comedy acts sometimes go live here as well.

Bus rentals in NYC ensure a safe and happy night out with your friends. When you get away from the kids, these places can prove to be the best places to go to for some relaxation and bonding with your friends.

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