Discover Chinatown with These Walking Tours: Part 2

The only way you could discover a place thoroughly is when you go up close and personal. With New York’s Chinatown, you should go on a walking tour to become more familiar with the place. Be sure to get a bus rental in NYC for this.

You might ask why you should get a bus rental in NYC for a walking tour. It is for convenience.

After a few hours in the sun and walking, you will certainly appreciate an air-conditioned bus rental in NYC to stay in and rest your tired feet.

The Enthusiastic Gourmet

This tour allows you to get to know Chinatown as both a shopping destination for inexpensive and unique food, and as a food destination. The tour includes eight different shops where you could taste exquisitely delicious Chinese food such as:

  • Salt & pepper shrimp
  • Curry beef pie and egg custard tart
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Beef and pork jerky
  • Dumplings
  • Dried and preserved snacks
  • Rice cakes

Museum of Chinese in the Americas Walking Tours

The Museum of Chinese in the Americas also has their own version of a walking tour around the Big Apple’s Chinatown.

For only $12 for adults, you and your group could get to see Chinatown and the lives of Chinese people both now and how it was before.

You will have around eight to ten stops on this tour and at each stop; the guide will tell you more about the site, landmark or street that you are on.

This educational tour also includes old photographs of the Chinatown neighborhoods, so you could see how the place has evolved.

Tours are only available Tuesdays to Saturdays at different times.

On top of the regular walking tours, the Museum of Chinese in the Americas also has seasonal public walking tours that take place during the Lunar New Year. With the increase in activity during the Lunar New Year, you will get a different experience of Chinatown during this time. You could even observe how the New Year is celebrated in a Chinese household.


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