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Every company should invest on its employees, whether it be through team building, skills enhancement, conferences, training seminars, workshops, sports competitions, or simple company picnics. This is a way for companies to help employees grow professionally or personally, or to help foster camaraderie and goodwill among each other.

Since most of these employee-centered corporate activities are held outside of the office, transportation services would be necessary. That’s where New York Bus Rental comes in.

We have various buses and vans to suit your company’s transportation needs. Whether you have a small organization or a big one with lots of employees, we have the right vehicle for you. We can take everyone to your desired venue to make sure you all get there on time.

New York Bus Rental offers:

  • Coach Buses for Corporate Transportation
  • Mini Buses for Corporate Transportation
  • School Buses for Corporate Transportation
  • Sprinter Vans for Corporate Transportation

So what kind of vehicle suits your corporate needs?

Coach Bus for Corporate Transportation

If you are a big company or organization and you expect everyone to join in the planned corporate activity, a coach bus would be the perfect vehicle. Our coach buses can comfortably accommodate up to 60 passengers, so if you are around that number, then you can be sure everyone gets to the venue on time.

By hiring a coach bus, employees are also spared from the stress and hassles of driving their own cars to the venue. This way, too, they are more conditioned for whatever activities you have prepared for them. Plus, they would surely appreciate not having to spend on fuel.

Hiring a coach bus also ensures that you don’t waste time waiting on everyone else to arrive. You all get there at the same time. And if you have special requests or needs, like wheelchair lifts and audio-visual equipment, we can make sure our coach bus comes with these for your convenience.

Mini Bus for Corporate Transportation

A mini bus is the ideal option if you’re a company of 40 employees or less. Our minibuses are clean, well-maintained, comfortable and up-to-date. Not to mention the convenience they offer. So employees would love to travel together with ease and comfort instead of driving separately to the designated venue.

What’s more, a coach bus allows employees to bond and relax, without having to think about their office duties. You can set the tone for this by preparing some fun activities or games that you can play together while you’re on the road.

School Bus for Corporate Transportation

If you are cutting costs and corporate budget for transportation is on the slim side, then consider getting a school bus for the entire gang. Our school buses are not as luxurious and expensive as the other buses in our fleet, but they are equally clean and well-maintained and they offer the seating comfort you all need.

Sprinter Van for Corporate Transportation

A sprinter van would be the perfect option if you are having an activity for only one department or if you are taking only a few employees. Our sprinter vans can accommodate 12 employees, and each one would enjoy comfortable seats with spacious leg room. What’s more, a sprinter van has plenty of storage space for equipment like a projector or a banner stand, and other materials you need.


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